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What’s most rewarding about having a blog is that I can see how my opinions have evolved over time. The most recent president election ushered in the era in which your digital footprint, (for the most part) could be looked at from a timestamp point of view. Namely, what you wrote some time ago was at a different point in your life and should be assessed that way by the reader.

Although I don’t want to make this about our current president, it’s clear that his Tweets from even several months ago lose relevance, something I find, to a degree, also applies to our own digital footprints.

For this reason, I don’t plan on editing any previous blog posts once I publish them, this one included. As times passes, it will be interesting to see how my views evolve along with this blog.

I’ll mention that I put little effort into promoting this blog, so you really need to dig to find it, which only reinforces my view that there is simply so much information out there.

Now with that off my chest, allow me to slowly get to the subject 🙂

What changed for me roughly a year ago is that I found myself somewhat bored with left leaning newspapers. I would normally scan NYT and WAPU headlines, only to find myself nodding my head in agreement over and over again. I was caught in this so called digital echo chamber.

I’ll go on record by saying that it’s a challenge now to be truly informed. You must sift through each story, weed out the bias, and there you will find some small nugget of truth. It was this frustration that drove me to open my mind to opposing viewpoints.

I approached very close minded.

What was strange though is that over time, some parts began to make sense. Not all of course, but some.

It was interesting that my change of views happened around this time as it seems now the biggest “war” is a cultural one. I’m living in Europe currently but based on the news I follow, American society appears to be rapidly transforming, and not much of it is positive.

If you’ve continued reading, then props to you. So now on to the subject of the post.

I discovered Ben Shapiro through Joe Rogan. I have an affinity for Joe Rogan because I also dabble in comedy, something that is very much an open canvas. Yet I also have a work ethic side to me as well, which has always made personal development such as health and exercise interesting.

Joe Rogan’s podcast, is in my view the best bridge to views and people you won’t initially agree with. Although he admits to taking left leaning positions (pro marijuana, suspect of religious fundamentalism, pro psychedelics, non-Trump voter), he is both curious and open minded, something badly, badly needed in 2018.

Through his podcasts, I discovered for the first time some compelling arguments from the so-called right, from Ben Shapiro. I wanted to learn more about him so I began listening to his podcast.

I do not agree with Ben Shapiro on many topics. Like all of us, he has an agenda.

I feel he’s an opportunist, in the right place at the right time and for this he must pander to certain bases. In life we must all make these compromises, especially in business and I’m sure he’s well aware of ones he makes.

Nevertheless, I find him for the most part authentic.

First, he is one of the few conservatives who has consistently held his viewpoint on Trump. As a voice for conservatives, he offers accolades whenever he can yet he is as equally scathing when he feels appropriate. And it’s not just Trump, but the entire GOP. In a way, I see Ben Shapiro as a referee of sorts for Reagenseque conservative values: fiscal responsibility, pro life, pro business via tax reductions & limited government intervention, pro free trade, pro military.

Secondly, Shapiro represents the next wave of media, namely what I’ll refer to as open forum media. I am sure there is some term already for this, which is basically a platform where you have enough time to clearly articulate views and not be bound by a 30 second byte.

Although this has existed on radio, especially from conservatives for some time, it was the extreme Rush Limbaugh type of fear mongering that was simply unpalatable to listen to. Shapiro also plays this card but it’s much milder (he knows his audience) and in my view a compromise he makes to promote his agenda.


Third, and drawing from the previous point, Shapiro often acts as a fact checker of television media that is slowly losing ground to streaming sources like his podcast. One of many examples, was CNN’s blatantly false statistic regarding mass shootings in 2018. Watching him go through each case as if he were in court, is compelling to watch. For as much as I disagree with him on his views, I have to respect him for calling out a dirty play.

For those who found themselves left leaning, it was always Fox News that was so biased. Now we we are seeing CNN do the same, and it wasn’t just a single incident either.

Has it always been this way or, have times changed? It’s too difficult to tell.

Propaganda and bias have always been a part of media. Nowadays though, we are facing an information overload and I simply don’t know where to find myself.

For anyone who got this far, I have two suggestions, the first which is to keep an open mind. Times are changing quickly and one can easily fall into the digital echo chamber I described. Secondly, the best way to defend your own view, is to hear the opposing viewpoint at length, which is what can help to build rebuttals.




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