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I’ve been on many short distance flights throughout Europe and have to say that my recent experience with EuroWings was by far the most unpleasant experience I’ve had to date.

The issue began with a flight delay from Krakow to Duesseldorf, something I won’t knock Eurowings for since I realize delays are unavoidable. What I do fault EuroWings for is how my case was handled thereafter.

Confirmation of flight delay


My final destination was Istanbul with another carrier. Due to the delay, I had only about 10 minutes to catch this flight, putting me in a difficult situation since my bag needed to be re-checked in. I decided to get on the flight since I wasn’t certain if another would be going out that day or in the evening. Despite the delay, I was given no information by EuroWings about connecting flights or how I would be affected. Since it was a business trip, I didn’t wish to cancel my meetings. I figured my bag could be sent along the following day as I purchased the tickets as part of an online package, via

When I landed in Istanbul, I reported the bag missing but was given no further information by the staff at the airport. It was late at night and although they scanned my passport and gave me a number to call, I received nothing else. I hadn’t encountered such a situation before so I assumed I could simply call the airline tomorrow.

This is where things began to go badly.

When you call the EuroWings support line, whether it’s the day or night, expect to be on hold for at least 10 minutes. Despite the fact that I was in another country and trying to call via Skype on a poor Wifi connection, they refuse to call you back. In the 21st century, I find it ridiculous that not only can you not have someone call you, you don’t even get a single person you can follow up with. So each time I called back, I had to explain my story all over again because I was told several times to call the local airline.

I literally spent half of my day, the next day, just trying to call EuroWings to get this far. As mentioned, I was told many times I had to call the airline I flew to Istanbul, which was Pegasus. But they didn’t have my bag, my bag was sitting in Duesseldorf, uncollected.

This is what frustrates me the most. After explaining the situation over and over again to EuroWings, the most I was  given was an email.

An email address!

I’m in a foreign country due to their flight delay, I have no clothes of my own, and all I can do to find out about my bag is send an email???

Why couldn’t EuroWings place a phone call to the bag claim area? Why couldn’t they call someone there, I sent them the check in tag for my bag, it was all there. This is the 21st century! On top of that, the headquarters of EuroWings is in Duesseldorf where my bag was.

I had to wait 7 days for anyone to even reply to my issue. Unacceptable.


So I send an email and wait.

Of course by the time I get the response, which you see above, I already had left Turkey. I had to buy all new clothes, toiletries, etc while I was there. Money I won’t get back.

The most frustrating aspect of this, is that my bag wasn’t lost. If the flight wasn’t delayed, and I failed to collect my bag, then I would bear full blame for this. But this wouldn’t have happened if the flight didn’t delay. Flight delays are unavoidable, but handling the situation is what counts.

I find this is a case of simply staring at the rulebook and not using common sense. I was speaking to people in Duesseldorf. They could easily call the EuroWings staff, and look for my bag, which they would have found was sitting there the entire time and put it on the flight to Turkey. The bag wasn’t missing at all, which is how they ended up finding it.

So how did I get my bag? It took another week and a half of fighting with the local representative in Krakow until finally they sent the bag to the airport, which I had to physically pick up.

This is why I cannot recommend EuroWings to anyone. Avoid this carrier!

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