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Life is all about learning experiences, so I chalk this one up as one. Recently a client informed me that the only method that he could accept payment for services was via Paypal. Fair enough, I’ve used Paypal for my personal sales since 2002 (something to note as you read further).

The client made the payment in February. After failing to make further payment, I terminated the contract. Note that I was acting as a middleman between the buyer and seller, taking a small fee for this, so technically the seller of the services terminated the contract.

At the end of May the buyer was upset that we shut his service down and lodged a complaint with Paypal. Keep in mind that we provided him service and now, some 3 months later he complains. This is because Paypal allows buyers 180 days to lodge a dispute! 180 days! Think about that.

Paypal’s so-called dispute center is nothing more than a kangaroo court out of some South American dictatorship.

This is the evidence I sent Paypal:

  1. An agreement the client signed where all payment terms were agreed upon.
  2. 10 screenshots of communication between myself and the buyer, where it was clearly shown that service was received
  3. An email from the CEO, explaining that services were provided in full
  4. Multiple screenshots showing the client’s IP address, clear proof he had access to the service provided in the agreement he signed.

*Note that I’ve had an account since 2002 with not a single dispute lodged.

The client’s evidence? A single sentence: I never received the service.

Without explaining why, Paypal decided in the client’s favor. Where is Judge Judy when I need her?

I know times are tough for people, so want to know a free hack to get something you want, completely for free? Buy something on Ebay, complain to Paypal that you never got it, and guess what? Unlike a credit card company which actually has checks and balances, Paypal will side with you! The best part, is that the seller gets to pay for it! So if you have no morals whatsoever and want that latest gadget, Paypal is your guide.


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