I’m proud to have some very creative friends and family. Below you’ll find some of the projects/websites they are part of.

Eileen’s Custom Crochet – My cousin can crochet everything from gloves to fingerpuppets to doilies, check out her Facebook page. My favorite is the hamburger.

Scenes of Milford – My uncle is a photographer who has taken some amazing pictures of my hometown, Milford, Connecticut. You can order them online.

Baumgart Creative Media – Photography is quite popular in my family as you’ll see from my cousin’s photos. If you are ever interested in visiting Poland, his pictures will give you a perspective you’ll never find in a travel book.

Jaime Baby’s Booty Boutique – My cousin makes handmade short shorts aka booty shorts as well as dresses. She also designs roller derby uniforms, pretty cool stuff.

Where in the World Is Poop Toad – You’ll just have to check it out, it’s well worth the visit 🙂

Fresh Counters – My cousin specializes in Corian-style countertops. In addition, if you ever visit Grand Central Terminal in New York City, sit on one of the benches on the bottom floor food court (if they aren’t occupied); he was part of the crew that built those.