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Washington – The executive management team at (me, myself, and I) are proud to announce that the website of “ours truly” briefly appeared under the “Related Links” section of the Ottawa Slow Food website.

The news was first broken on Twitter by’s North American Media Correspondent, Jonathan Baumgart. “All of a sudden I was minding my own business and WHAM! I get an email from our Chief Marketing Strategist, Jonathan Baumgart, about this link,” said Jonathan Baumgart (not to be confused with the Marketing strategist of similar namesake), in a post- news-breaking-interview.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Baumgart’s executive assistant Mr. Jonathan Baumgart (not to be confused with those other guys in the paragraph above) at the reception held the day after the announcement. Over left over pizza and a bottle of RC Cola, Mr. Baumgart shed a bit of light on the news: “We have no idea how that link got there.”

To the chagrin of the team, the link was taken down the day after the announcement. Many questions still remain unanswered. What is slow food? Does Mr. Baumgart’s penchant for fast food have something to do with this? What is Conrad Bain up to these days?