I must confess that I’ve probably played far too many rounds of Gun Master on Battlefield 4 than I’d like to admit. In some ways I must be a glutton for punishment as consistently going for gold is nearly impossible to achieve in a winner take all game like Battlefield 4’s Gun Master.

So that my time spent playing all of those Gun Master rounds won’t be a complete waste I’ll share some tips from my own experience.

1.At a minimum you’ll need a 1:1 K/D ratio to remain competitive 

Furthermore, if you want to win, you’ll have to average around 2:1 and not get stuck for too long on a single gun. If you can consistently maintain a 2:1 K/D ratio, you’ll rank in the top five at least. The rest comes down to gameplay and a little luck.

2. You are most vulnerable when you switch between guns.

This happens for a couple reasons. First, most of the ways that you’ll die is in Mexican stand off fashion whereby you’ll take out someone not realizing you are in someone else’s sights. That small break in between guns makes you essentially defenseless. Secondly, because of the team aspect of the game, you’ll often run into multiple opponents at once. If you are on the 2nd leg of your gun, then you may take out the first guy but not have time to defend yoruself against the second given the fact that most of the gameplay happens with many players aroun The roughly 2 second switch between weapons in this critical time often makes you denfeless against an incoming shot.

3. You Must Be Able to Master Pistols

The last 3 guns in BF4 Gun Master are all pistols, followed by a knife. To be successful in this final phase you’ll need to draft off of your team members as these guns require close range. Going out alone is often an uneven match as most opponents will have higher range guns, placing only luck on your side.

4. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win.

There seems to be some luck element to gun master. There have been matches where I’ve cleaned up quite quickly while in others, using basically the same gameplay, I’d get stuck on a gun for ages, never able to come back. It’s difficult to say 

5. If you Spot a Cheater, Get Out

If you see someone completely cleaning up, then just leave the match. Although there are highly skilled players, many are using cheat or other enhancements, making it a waste of your time to keep playing when you and the rest of the players are under a severe handicap. 

6. Striking a Balance

To win consistently in Battlefield 4 Gun Master you must strike a balance between aggression, map navigation and gun type.. Players who are too aggressive will at most take out a single opponent and constantly be forced to respawn, costing time which is what you are up against. Furthermore, running into some of the most active parts of the map just makes an overly aggressive player an easy target. For this reason it’s important to recognize the spawn points and high impact areas so you can adjust play based off of them. Finally, in Gun Master you should try when possible to maximize the use of long distance guns like the machine guns and rifles. It’s often easy to pass through these guns without compromising your own life. Nevertheless, in some cases you’ll be forced to use them at short range, which is why this game is especially challenging since you must be extremely versatile to win consistently. 

Final Thoughts

As a final thought, I’d like to add more on the “luck factor” I was referring to about Gun Master in Battlefield 4. Like I said, I don’t think there is anything particularly nefarious about the game per se, I just notice that despite not changing much in gameplay, sometimes I can breeze through weapons while on other occasions I get stuck on a gun and mentally give up. 

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