I’m of the opinion that specialization is dying a slow death and success in the future will require a Swiss Army knife of skillsets. Hence, the purpose of my blog is to both practice and demonstrate prowess in a variety of areas with the foundation being the written word.

Despite the criticism of modern day education, I believe that exposure to a variety of subjects, often referred to as the “liberal arts” is the ideal pathway to attain knowledge. My blog is exactly that: an exploration of a wide range of topics, ranging from current events to heath; from technology to travel; from film to sports. Basically anything worth thinking about is fair ground because my brain (I’m quite confident I’m not alone here) operates in the same manic fashion, randomly hopping from topic to topic. 

Having already stated my purpose, the goal then would be to map a visual newspaper of my mind. I’ve already written several successful articles, which have made their own contribution to the massive neural network of information that is the Internet. I hope, when time permits, to continue to contribute my thoughts well into the future.