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Will November Break the GOP? Thoughts on the 2024 Election

Fall is upon us which means that the Republican primary season in America will begin to pick up steam. This primary season will exhibit some of the worst choices on the Republican side of the aisle that I’ve witnessed since… Continue Reading →

The End of Vladimir Putin’s Russia – Why The Decision to Continue the War Has Eroded Russia’s Power

Historians will no doubt speculate as to the specific date that marked the peak of Vladimir Putin’s power and as time passes it becomes easier to pinpoint watershed moments then attempting to figure them out in real time. As of… Continue Reading →

The Death of Billy Batts – An Analysis of Plotlines & Story Arcs in Goodfellas

Although he played a minor role in Goodfellas, the Billy Batt’s character served as a fulcrum upon which the entire film rested, even the film title. If you recall, we hear only hear the term “goodfella” referenced a single time… Continue Reading →

1982 & 1983 Wrestling All Stars – The Crème De La Crème of Wrestling Collector’s Cards

Because Andre The Giant was the first card to be issued in the 1982 Series A set, many of these cards suffer from corner damage and scratching, making highly graded instances (PSA 7 and higher) extremely rare. Within the world… Continue Reading →

Welcome to a New Temperance Movement: The Prohibition of Thought & Expression

“History Does Not Repeat Itself But It Rhymes” is an apt way to put the cultural trends I’m witnessing in contemporary society. I liken the extreme positions that leaders and the elite media class are propping up to the temperance… Continue Reading →

Peak Joe Rogan? Has Joe Rogan Lost Relevance / Influence Post-Spotify?

It’s difficult to say exactly when I first discovered Joe Rogan. If my memory serves me, it was around 2016 or 2017 when he came up in a YouTube recommendation. Prior to listening to a full Joe Rogan podcast, I… Continue Reading →

Some of the Plot Holes I Found Watching Limitless: A Review of the Movie Limitless

As far as movies go, I generally prefer obscure, foreign or classics from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Naturally, exceptions to the rule exist. For the same reason I’ll admit that some pop tunes are catchy, I also have a sweet… Continue Reading →

What the Convenient Timing of Andrew Cuomo’s Downfall Says About our Media Class

This blatant piece of propaganda could easily be read a differently were the author not Andrew Cuomo. History will have plenty of lessons to learn from his mismanagement of the pandemic. Anyone with an objective lens must concede that having… Continue Reading →

The Short Term Memory of Our Society and Political Class

Contemporary American politics are akin to Guy Pearce’s character in Memento where the past is simply forgotten when it comes to our nation’s so called leaders and anti heroes. Once upon a time ago in a townhall Q&A, Barack Obama… Continue Reading →

Why Revenge of the Nerds Could Never Be Produced in 2020 – Movie Analysis

Revenge of the Nerds had certain plot elements that would be unacceptable in today’s society (and for good reason). A progressive stance, however, would focus solely on race, missing out on the entire point of the film. To jump out… Continue Reading →

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