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Education Reform – We Must Start Teaching Children About Finance, Savings, and Investing

This is the first part of a series of reforms I am suggesting for America’s battered educational system. I struggled with mathematics in school, especially in grade school where I simply didn’t get it. Partially this was due to poor… Continue Reading →

Theranos, Equal Pay and the Role of Women in the Workforce

Prior to dropping her failed candidacy, Elizabeth Warren referred to the so called gender pay gap many times throughout her campaign. Not only did she often highlight this pay gap, when she ultimately had to remove her bid, it wasn’t… Continue Reading →

Battlefield 4 Gun Master Tips

I must confess that I’ve probably played far too many rounds of Gun Master on Battlefield 4 than I’d like to admit. In some ways I must be a glutton for punishment as consistently going for gold is nearly impossible… Continue Reading →

Underappreciated & Lesser Known Movies of the ’80s

Once Upon a Time in America Any fan of spaghetti Westerns will immediately recognize Sergio Corbucci’s name. When you then discover that the score was done by Ennio Morricone, you’ll come to the same conclusion I did and realize that… Continue Reading →

How to Protect Your Privacy on Social Media – 7 Social Media Privacy Tips

How to Maintain Your Privacy on Social Media The rapid growth and development of social media brought back memories of my time as a student in East Berlin. During my studies in Germany, I was first introduced to the Stasi… Continue Reading →

Was Tom’s Restaurant from Seinfeld Featured in the 1988 Film Shakedown?

As a lover of obscure and vintage films, it was only a matter of time that I came across Shakedown, a film I’d throw into the bucket of late 80s / early 90s action movies. One of the main stars… Continue Reading →

Resort Review: Prima Life Makadi

Prima Life is an all inclusive holiday resort located in the Makadi Bay district of Hurghada, Egypt. Those researching holiday destinations in Egypt will have plenty of resorts to choose from, Prima Life being one of the many options available… Continue Reading →

What Will Happen in 2020? Thoughts on Politics & Media in 2019

Now 2 years into the Trump presidency, I find myself at a political crossroads. I think much has changed since this formidable election, unfortunately none for the good as I see divisions in the country being dug deeper than before…. Continue Reading →

Does The Minimum Wage Help The Poor And Small Businesses? 4 Arguments Against Raising The Minimum Wage

Having majored in the so called “dismal science” known as economics, I will concede that much of economic theory must be prefaced by the statement “all things being equal.” Unless you are living in a cave, you’ll soon realize that… Continue Reading →

James Randi Is a Hero

With the exception of professional wrestling, which I’ve written a piece about, I find that magic is one of few experiences both adults and children can enjoy at equal levels. What I mean by equal is that an adult can… Continue Reading →

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