Welcome to the New Temperance Movement

“History Does Not Repeat Itself But It Rhymes” is an apt way to put the trends I’m witnessing in contemporary society. I liken it to the temperance movement of a century ago. If I were in that time period, I… Continue Reading →

Peak Joe Rogan

It’s difficult to say exactly when I first discovered Joe Rogan but it was sometime around 2016 or 2017 when he came up in a YouTube recommendation. Prior to listening to a full podcast I always had a sense of… Continue Reading →

What the Convenient Timing of Andrew Cuomo’s Downfall Says About our Media Class

Anyone with an objective lense will have to concede that having Donald Trump as president during a pandemic was a recipe for disaster and that it would be botched. With this in mind, I think all world leaders were caught… Continue Reading →

The Short Term Memory of Our Society and Political Class

Once upon a time ago in a townhall Q&A, Barack Obama was asked about his stance on gay marriage, his response being: “with respect to gay marriage, I do not support gay marriage.” This wasn’t said in 1988, or even… Continue Reading →

Don’t Bother Saving for a Retirement That Won’t Happen

Each generation faces its series of challenges. Currently there is much resentment leveled by Millennials at the Baby Boomers for their role in the economic disparity we’ve been seeing over the last 15 to 20 years. The fallacy in such… Continue Reading →

Why Revenge of the Nerds Could Never Be Produced in 2020 – Movie Analysis

To jump out of the gates with it, Revenge of the Nerds is a #MeToo nightmare. The film encouraged the kind of creepiness often associated with losers in their basement who would spy on women showering and dressing, only if… Continue Reading →

What Travel Abroad Will Teach You About Racism

It’s indeed a sad state of affairs in the world that the term racism (along with other words like Nazi, bigot, homophobe, etc) resembles the aftermath of a car wreck: so twisted and mangled that it barely represents what it… Continue Reading →

Why Was Tommy DeVito Killed & Why Did it Happen at the End of Goodfellas?

I’ve come across a small plot hole in Goodfellas, namely the explanation, or reasoning behind Tommy DeVito’s murder. Even if you haven’t watched Goodfellas in awhile, you’ll most likely recall the scene where a surprised Joe Pesci realizes he will… Continue Reading →

Is it Safe to Visit Kiev?

If you are wondering whether Kiev is worth visiting and if the city is safe for tourists, the answer to both questions is an absolute yes! To put these questions into greater perspective, walking some of America’s inner cities at… Continue Reading →

James Randi Is a Hero

With the exception of professional wrestling, I find that magic is one of few experiences both adults and children can enjoy at equal levels. Now, what I mean by “equal” is that an adult can be as captivated as a… Continue Reading →

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