That’s me in yellow, the 70s were long gone by the time I was in high school, but you’d never know from the short shorts they had us wear.

Jon Baumgart – Cross Country and Track Running Results

In my youth I was a decent long and mid distance runner. This was still the early days of the Internet so most of my times only made local print newspaper print, but were never put on the Internet. I still have some of them saved so one of these days I’ll add them to this list.

Back then I was skin and bones, I’ve since bulked up yet most is fat from excess calories, especially the Slovakian can of beer I’m drinking as I write this. Back then I could eat a ton then and it would burn off of me. I remember laughing at the older adults with pot bellys, saying it would never happen to me. And here I am about to order a cheeseburger with fries.

Let’s hope I can my prior accomplishments to help me get into better shape.

Southern Connecticut Conference (SCC) – Outdoor Track & Field Championship Meet – North Haven High School – Tuesday 05/25/99 to Wednesday 05/26/99

Event: 1,600m

Place Time: 4:29.24

Overall Place: 4th

Connecticut CIAC Class L Outdoor Men’s Track – 2000

Event: 1,600m

Place Time: 4:34.66

Overall Place: 6th

Connecticut CIAC Class L Outdoor Men’s Track – June 3rd, 1999 – Willow Brook Park, New Britain

Event: 1,600m

Place Time: 4:37.17

Overall Place: 6th

CIAC Class L Championship – Men’s Cross Country, Wickham Park – October 30th, 1999

Event: Men’s Cross Country Championship*

Place Time / Mile Split: 16:56 / 5:28

Overall Place: 9th

*The officially entry has my name spelled incorrectly: 9 JOHN BAUMGART 155 NOTRE DAME WH 16:56 5:28

CIAC Class L Championship – Men’s Cross Country, Wickham Park – November 6th, 1998

Event: Men’s Cross Country Championship

Place Time / Mile Split: 17:54 / 5:46

Overall Place: 37th

Post High School Running

Komen for the Cure – October 17th 2009, Dallas, Texas

Time: 18:11 / 5:51

Overall Place: 41 / 6th in division