By scrolling down this page you’ll find some of my favorite movies, broken down by genre. You won’t find any modern movies here, and for the genres listed I have intentionally omitted the major blockbusters. Before you label me pretentious please have the courtesy to hear out my reasoning. I do in fact enjoy modern films along with the classics that we’ve all grown to love. The problem is that there are thousands of movie fans just like me who have their own top ten lists. What would make mine any different?

I’ve opted for the harder path by seeking out the less popular films, or forgotten movies. Rather than chastise me for being another stuck up movie critic I would hope you have some pity because every movie you find on this list represents about ten crappy ones I had to sit through…Enjoy!



Mean Streets

Three Days of the Condor

Towering Inferno

Marathon Man


The Taking of Pelham One, Two and Three

Rolling Thunder

Five Easy Pieces


The Glove – One of those gritty, 70s classics starring the police chief from Nightmare on Elm Street

Escape From Alcatraz

The Warriors

Over The Edge

The Sting

Electra Glide in Blue

The Great Train Robbery

Play Misty For Me

The Other Side of Hell – Alan Arkin stars in this dark drama about the state of mental institutions in America.


Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo


Welt am Draht


Goodbye Lenin






Αngst essen SeeΙe aυf

Spaghetti Westerns

Duck You Sucker

Four of the Apocalypse

Run Man Run

Shanghai Joe



Death Rides A Horse

Ace High

My Name is Trinity

Navajo Joe

Classics – Black & White

Scarlet Street

White Heat

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Angels With Dirty Faces

Asphalt Jungle – Starring Marilyn Monroe and the cop in Godfather that Al Pacino shoots with the toilet gun.


Scum – One of the first movies with Ray Winstone who plays a bad ass in many later movies

24 Hour Party People


Dead Man’s Shoes – Half artistic half realistic revenge drama.