Serious movie fans can be split into two categories. The first group consists of those who enjoy movies simply because they are movies. For these lovers of the silver screen all movies should be appreciated for what they are, not what they should be. The second group are those who look at movies with a critical eye. The aim is to find the needle in the haystack and tell the rest of the world about it.

When I look over these two groups, I place myself in the latter category. My time is very valuable so if I am going to dedicate two hours of it to entertaining myself I better get my money’s worth. For this reason I choose the movies I watch carefully.

Exploring the full breadth of films available to me is also very important. Be warned that because of this my taste is rather eclectic. I do enjoy mainstream cinema but to me these films are akin to the fat section of the food pyramid– I consume only in small doses. For years I held a different attitude on this subject. It wasn’t until I discovered classic films that my mindset changed. Now that I’ve been exposed to them I’ve had quite a blast dusting off these treasures of the past. And yes, I intentionally made that sentence rhyme.