Welcome to the short story section of my website. I’m much more prolific than this brief list of stories suggests, however, my perfectionism and self-criticism make it difficult to post a story on the fly. Since I don’t plan on giving up on writing any time soon I imagine this section of the site will slowly grow to an impressive story collection. Finally, I am still exploring my niche in the world of writing so don’t be surprised to see even more genres crop up in the coming months.

Sci – Fi

The Venus Fly Trap – A rogue space pilot signs up for a daredevil mission only to find himself a prisoner deep in enemy territory. He soon discovers he has been intentionally kept alive by the enemy. Why have they chosen to spare his life? Read on to find out the answer.

David Barsham – The future looks bleak for David Barsham. In this sci-fi thriller a beaten, yet perseverant man struggles to make it through another day on the job. The day goes by without a hitch until a menacing robot makes his day one to remember.

Stories About Trading

Bad Fill – Partially based on my experience working for a brokerage, Bad Fill is a story about the challenges a young college grade faces during his first days on the job.