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Some of the Plot Holes I Found Watching Limitless: A Review of the Movie Limitless

As far as movies go, I generally prefer obscure, foreign or classics from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Naturally, exceptions to the rule exist. For the same reason I’ll admit that some pop tunes are catchy, I also have a sweet… Continue Reading →

Underappreciated & Lesser Known Movies of the ’80s

Once Upon a Time in America Any fan of spaghetti Westerns will immediately recognize Sergio Corbucci’s name on this Scorcese-eqsue, 3 hour long masterpiece. When you then discover that the score was done by none other than Ennio Morricone himself,… Continue Reading →

Insaaf: The Final Justice (1997) – Movie Review

As one who is always looking for new and exciting films to watch, I was recommend the movie Insaaf from a friend. Unbeknownst to me, there are two variations of this film, the original Insaaf, produced in 1987, was what… Continue Reading →

Young And Innocent (1937) – Movie Review

The suggestive title of this film is testament to how times have changed since 1937. And lest you think I chose to review this film in order to boost traffic to my site via lewd searches, especially when it’s a… Continue Reading →

Companeros aka “Vamos a matar, compañeros” (1970) – Movie Review

“Vamos a matar compañeros” bellows a shaggy Franco Nero atop his horse in a most memorable scene from director Sergio Corbucci’s Companeros. Set during the Mexican Revolution, Compañeros presents us with the misadventures of two unlikely bedfellows brought together by a common desire… Continue Reading →

Kid Galahad (1937) – Movie Review

We’ll dip into the archives of classic boxing movies for today’s review of Kid Galahad. Join me as we turn the clock back to 1937, the year of the original filming of Kid Galahad, which is not to be confused with… Continue Reading →

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