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Will November Break the GOP? Thoughts on the 2024 Election

Fall is upon us which means that the Republican primary season in America will begin to pick up steam. This primary season will exhibit some of the worst choices on the Republican side of the aisle that I’ve witnessed since… Continue Reading →

The End of Vladimir Putin’s Russia – Why The Decision to Continue the War Has Eroded Russia’s Power

Historians will no doubt speculate as to the specific date that marked the peak of Vladimir Putin’s power and as time passes it becomes easier to pinpoint watershed moments then attempting to figure them out in real time. As of… Continue Reading →

Education Reform – We Must Start Teaching Children About Finance, Savings, and Investing

This is the first part of a series of reforms I am suggesting for America’s battered educational system. I struggled with mathematics in school, especially in grade school where I simply didn’t get it. Partially this was due to poor… Continue Reading →

Germany Travel Tips

The best way I’ve found to both appreciate and learn more about my own culture is to study another. Germans have a positive attitude toward Americans and are always curious to challenge their own stereotypes about American culture. In this… Continue Reading →

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