Welcome to the New Temperance Movement

“History Does Not Repeat Itself But It Rhymes” is an apt way to put the trends I’m witnessing in contemporary society. I liken it to the temperance movement of a century ago. If I were in that time period, I… Continue Reading →

Peak Joe Rogan

It’s difficult to say exactly when I first discovered Joe Rogan but it was sometime around 2016 or 2017 when he came up in a YouTube recommendation. Prior to listening to a full podcast I always had a sense of… Continue Reading →

Education Reform – We Must Start Teaching Children About Finance, Savings, and Investing

This is the first part of a series of reforms I am suggesting for America’s battered educational system. I struggled with mathematics in school, especially in grade school where I simply didn’t get it. Partially this was due to poor… Continue Reading →

Germany Travel Tips

The best way I’ve found to both appreciate and learn more about my own culture is to study another. Germans have a positive attitude toward Americans and are always curious to challenge their own stereotypes about American culture. In this… Continue Reading →

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