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How to Protect Your Privacy on Social Media – 7 Social Media Privacy Tips

How to Maintain Your Privacy on Social Media The rapid growth and development of social media brought back memories of my time as a student in East Berlin. During my studies in Germany, I was first introduced to the Stasi… Continue Reading →

Education Reform – We Must Start Teaching Children About Finance, Savings, and Investing

This is the first part of a series of reforms I am suggesting for America’s battered educational system. I struggled with mathematics in school, especially in grade school where I simply didn’t get it. Partially this was due to poor… Continue Reading →

Battlefield 4 Gun Master Tips

I must confess that I’ve probably played far too many rounds of Gun Master on Battlefield 4 than I’d like to admit. In some ways I must be a glutton for punishment as consistently going for gold is nearly impossible… Continue Reading →

Germany Travel Tips

The best way I’ve found to both appreciate and learn more about my own culture is to study another. Germans have a positive attitude toward Americans and are always curious to challenge their own stereotypes about American culture. In this… Continue Reading →

Analysis of the Wheelchair-Bound Racist Airport Incident – The Risk in Taking Viral Videos at Face Value

A Preface In case you’ve already watched the video before my reading my analysis, it’s obvious that the man in the wheelchair, who I’ll refer to as Mike, bears racist beliefs, and as documented in the video, physically assaults the… Continue Reading →

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