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Why Pulling the Michael Jackson Episode from The Simpsons Sets a Bad Precedent

As a long time Simpsons fan and semi professional global distributor of Simpson’s themed tic tacs (need to update my LinkedIn), I have mixed feelings about the recent decision concerning the famous Michael Jackson episode, officially known as “Stark Raving… Continue Reading →

Is it Safe to Visit Kiev?

If you are wondering whether Kiev is worth visiting and if the city is safe, the answer to both is yes! I’ve spent considerable time in Kiev and can vouch that Kiev is safe both day and night. You must… Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Social Media

Having grown up when the internet first began to flourish, I’ve always been positive about its developments and the potential it offers to future generations. From a pure information standpoint, prior generations would salivate over how much data can be… Continue Reading →

Germany Travel Tips

The best way I’ve found to both appreciate and learn more about my own culture is to study another. Germans have a positive attitude toward Americans and are always curious to challenge their own stereotypes about American culture. In this… Continue Reading →

Napoleon Pics

I am proud to announce the official launch of Napoleon Pics! You may ask yourself, what exactly is a Napoleon Pic? The idea is very simple. Whenever you are out with friends or family, simply take the opportunity to pose… Continue Reading →

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