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Welcome to a New Temperance Movement: The Prohibition of Thought & Expression

“History Does Not Repeat Itself But It Rhymes” is an apt way to put the cultural trends I’m witnessing in contemporary society. I liken the extreme positions that leaders and the elite media class are propping up to the temperance… Continue Reading →

What the Convenient Timing of Andrew Cuomo’s Downfall Says About our Media Class

This blatant piece of propaganda could easily be read a differently were the author not Andrew Cuomo. History will have plenty of lessons to learn from his mismanagement of the pandemic. Anyone with an objective lens must concede that having… Continue Reading →

The Short Term Memory of Our Society and Political Class

Contemporary American politics are akin to Guy Pearce’s character in Memento where the past is simply forgotten when it comes to our nation’s so called leaders and anti heroes. Once upon a time ago in a townhall Q&A, Barack Obama… Continue Reading →

Thoughts & Analysis on the Seattle CHAZ / CHOP Autonomous Zone Experiment

Anyone who enjoys studying history has most likely come to the same dismal conclusion I have regarding the CHAZ / CHOP zone experiment, namely that it was a disaster which caused unnecessary destruction and loss of life in the process…. Continue Reading →

What Will Happen in 2020? Thoughts on Politics & Media in 2019

Now 2 years into the Trump presidency, I find myself at a political crossroads. I think much has changed since this formidable election, unfortunately none for the good as I see divisions in the country being dug deeper than before…. Continue Reading →

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