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What the Convenient Timing of Andrew Cuomo’s Downfall Says About our Media Class

Anyone with an objective lense will have to concede that having Donald Trump as president during a pandemic was a recipe for disaster and that it would be botched. With this in mind, I think all world leaders were caught… Continue Reading →

The Short Term Memory of Our Society and Political Class

In a townhall Q&A, Barack Obama was asked about his stance on gay marriage, his response being: “with respect to gay marriage, I do not support gay marriage.” This wasn’t 1998 or even 1988 but some 13 years ago in… Continue Reading →

Thoughts & Analysis on the Seattle CHAZ / CHOP Autonomous Zone Experiment

Anyone who enjoys studying history has most likely come to the same dismal conclusion I have regarding the CHAZ / CHOP zone experiment, namely that it was a disaster which caused unnecessary destruction and loss of life in the process…. Continue Reading →

What Will Happen in 2020? Thoughts on Politics & Media in 2019

Now 2 years into the Trump presidency, I find myself at a political crossroads. I think much has changed since this formidable election, unfortunately none for the good as I see divisions in the country being dug deeper than before…. Continue Reading →

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