I recently came across German Pulse, an English website and forum dedicated to all things related to Germany. German Pulse provides articles of general interest for English speakers who are curious to know about the country in its broadest terms. As an example, an article I recently enjoyed concerned negative stereotypes of Germans. The article echoed some thoughts I had gathered on my own, making it interesting to see it in print.

I recommend the news section of the site for anyone interested in learning more about the country and culture in broad terms. I don’t notice much concerning politics here, and to be honest there are plenty of news services out there already covering this such as Deutsche Welle or The Economist. The niche is news about the country that Americans would find interesting. If you are planning on traveling to the country or simply wish to learn more the culture, reading this articles should provide some insight.

In addition to general news, there is also a forum section. This is a great area to meet those with a common interest in the language/culture. Since it’s in English you don’t need to know German although if you are interested in the language it’s a good start. I can see the forum turning into a budding online community for Germans. I made my first contribution today, hope to see you there soon!