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Analysis & Thoughts on Once Upon a Time in America

As a Leone and DeNiro fan, I’ve come to appreciate this long, and to use a hackneyed term, epic film. I’ve seen it several times which as any other fan can attest, is a fair investment of one’s time. In… Continue Reading →

Long Before the Matrix There was World on a Wire

  Long before The Matrix, there was Welt am Draht / World on a Wire, a relatively obscure made-for-TV Sci-Fi Film directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. In 2010 the film was given a rebirth of sorts when it showed at the 60th… Continue Reading →

Fast Food im Fokus: Arby’s

Das Konzept für das im Jahr 1964 gegründte Sandwhich Restaurant war einfach: Alternativ zu McDonalds. Statt Hamburgers bat Arbys heisse Sandwhiches an. Man konnte im Restaurant essen oder es mitnehmen, ein Konzept das die moderne Fast Food Ketten eingeführt hat. 50… Continue Reading →

Ein tolles Jägermeister Rezept

  Neulich habe ich ein Jägermeister Mischgetränk entdeckt, das mir gut gefallen hat. Anweisungen in Englisch sind in das Video von oben zu sehen. Klicken Sie entweder hier oder direkt auf dem Bild von oben. Unten habe ich die Zutaten und… Continue Reading →

Ambien Withdrawal Experience

Look at the symptoms below. If you are taking ambien and have experienced any of these, it might not be “all in your head” rather directly caused by the drug itself: intense panic attacks feelings of dread and despair Catastrophizing… Continue Reading →

German Pulse – News About Germany

    I recently came across German Pulse, an English website and forum dedicated to all things related to Germany. German Pulse provides articles of general interest for English speakers who are curious to know about the country in its… Continue Reading →

Wendepunkt in Amerika – Die Auswahl von Obama

Die Wiederwahl Obamas signalisert in Amerika einen Wendepunkt. Trotz einem bitteren Kampf haben die Republikaner Ihr Mandat verloren. Amerika besteht aus den Bürgern und sie habensich entschieden Ihr Land wieder nach dem politischen Zentrum zu steuren. Ein amerikanisches Präsidentswahl, meiner… Continue Reading →

Calling All Haters!

Join The Cause!  I must confess that I have only met a handful of language professors in my life. It’s difficult to make generalizations with only such a small sample size, but during my time as I student I never… Continue Reading →

The Worlds Funniest German Movie Title Translations

Having browsed through the German-translated titles of countless American films and TV shows, I really can’t think of a better example of the phrase “lost in translation.” Although Germany consistently releases a couple of good films every year, the lion-share… Continue Reading →

The Mini Fast

Fasting has existed since biblical times and most likely before (I’m too lazy to do the research). Yet in today’s day and age the only time I hear mention of the practice is by Muslims during Ramadan. I am convinced… Continue Reading →