Language Professors Hate Him

He Hate Me

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I must confess that I have only met a handful of language professors in my life. It’s difficult to make generalizations with only such a small sample size, but during my time as I student I never came across a single one who exhibited malicious characteristics. Similar to my other instructors I felt language professors were friendly, enthusiastic, and willing to help.

You can understand how much of a shock it was for me to discover that language professors are in fact quite vengeful individuals. What’s even stranger is that I wasn’t looking for this information, it found me! Now, I could understand if I were doing broad based research on this topic. But for it to be delivered to my web browser must mean the situation is far dire than I realized.

I thought of running to the grocery store to stock up on soup, which seemed to be the best decision based on this message. But then I took a deep breath and came to the conclusion that perhaps it was I who misunderstood. Maybe language professors aren’t so bad, they just really don’t like the guy in the picture. This led me to speculate as to what he must have done to piss off so many professors. So after many sleepless nights in my study, I have put together 3 potential hypotheses:

1. He was terrible at conjugating verbs – I can recall that my professors were not pleased with students who failed to do their homework. Maybe this guy came from a wealthy family (looks like it) who, despite his poor academic performance, could afford to send him to school year, after year. I could see how professors would slowly begin to loathe such a person, seeing that same smug face at the beginning of each new semester.

2. He speaks the language fluently but pretends to be a student – This must be a temptation any foreign student looking to earn some easy credits faces. Perhaps he was trying to gather enough to graduate, secretly moving from university to university as a major in his own mother tongue. Without this ad, some unsuspecting professor would have fallen into his trap.

3. He asked way too many questions – I’m sure we’ve all encountered the annoying albeit well intentioned student who slows down the rhythm of the class with incessant questions. Judging by his picture, I could easily see him interrupting the professor to constantly hear himself speak. There is only so much brutality one can take before its time to fight back.


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