The Russian adaption of Rounders slightly strays from the original plotline. Matt Damon’s character, Michael, learns an important lesson in greed from Teddy KGB after losing a large sum of money to him in poker. Taking him as a protege, Teddy KGB encourages Michael to return the other sums of money he won from players in the past while lecturing them on the basic tenets of Marxist ideology. With Edward Norton as his sidekick, they tour their old poker haunts, often receiving harassment and taking beatings for their beliefs. In the final scene, Teddy teaches Matt Damon’s character to play with his cards face up and most importantly, regardless of who wins the best hand, to redistribute all poker chips equally as an act of worker solidarity against the bourgeoisie who foolishly believe that simple parlor games are enough to appease the masses, who are struggling under the evil thumb of the capitalist.


The Russian version of Sonic differs significantly from the original movie. Sonic, who is a visual representation of the greedy capitalist big, is seen running across the world trying to hoard as many gold rings as possible. To prevent the scourge of Sonic’s capitalistic ways any further, Dr. Robotnik captures Sonic, forcing him to confess on film that he cheated on his wife with several other hedgehogs, and sentencing him to interment in a remote forced labor camp. In the labor camp Sonic meets other exiled intellectuals who plot an escape, leading to a fast speed chase across the plains of Siberia.

Due to the improper execution of communism on planet Earth, an intellectually superior and advanced civilization of extra terrestrials attempt to draw true adherents of Marxist ideology to their spaceship in order to relocate them to a worker’s paradise. Naturally, the corrupt and greedy American government wishes to stop any citizens from escaping from the planet, where they can no longer produce capital and consume products, creating a cover up under the guise of a viral pandemic. Richard Dreyfuss, the hero, must valiantly squeeze his way out of the strong grip of the capitalist government in order to escape to true freedom which unfortunately does not lie on this planet.