Often I need a boost of inspiration before heading to the gym. Sometimes it will be a Metallica or Guns N Roses song, but every once in a while I have to queue up a Rocky montage to get into the proper mindset. The montage in Rocky III where Apollo and the Italian Stallion have a split training sessions on the beach and in the gym is one of my favorites. I love it because you get to see opponents from the first two in the series join forces. This is a theme often found in spaghetti westerns and what makes Rocky III interesting since it strays a little bit from the single protagonist versus single antagonist model.

Having watched the Rocky III montage on so many occasions the seed was planted in my head: Imagine how much more inspired I would be if I could work out in those gnarly tube socks that stores don’t sell anymore. Thankfully, I found a place that sells them: http://www.skatersocks.com/  Although the intent of the business was to sell socks for skaters, why not use them to feel like you are back in the 80s training for a fight against Clubber Lang?

Excellent customer service, smooth delivery time, and easy processing of returns are just a few of the reasons I recommend Skater Socks. I’ve ordered through them on several occasions and have never had an issue. In fact, I accidentally bought the wrong size, spoke with their service staff about it, and got the issue straightened out in no time.

If you are a skater, lover of 80s clothing like me, or looking to make the ultimate Halloween costume, I suggest checking out the site.