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German Pulse – News About Germany

    I recently came across German Pulse, an English website and forum dedicated to all things related to Germany. German Pulse provides articles of general interest for English speakers who are curious to know about the country in its… Continue Reading →

Wendepunkt in Amerika – Die Auswahl von Obama

Die Wiederwahl Obamas signalisert in Amerika einen Wendepunkt. Trotz einem bitteren Kampf haben die Republikaner Ihr Mandat verloren. Amerika besteht aus den Bürgern und sie habensich entschieden Ihr Land wieder nach dem politischen Zentrum zu steuren. Ein amerikanisches Präsidentswahl, meiner… Continue Reading →

Germany Travel Tips

The best way I’ve found to both appreciate and learn more about my own culture is to study another. Germans have a positive attitude toward Americans and are always curious to challenge their own stereotypes about American culture. In this… Continue Reading →

Calling All Haters!

Join The Cause!  I must confess that I have only met a handful of language professors in my life. It’s difficult to make generalizations with only such a small sample size, but during my time as I student I never… Continue Reading →

The Worlds Funniest German Movie Title Translations

Having browsed through the German-translated titles of countless American films and TV shows, I really can’t think of a better example of the phrase “lost in translation.” Although Germany consistently releases a couple of good films every year, the lion-share… Continue Reading →

The Mini Fast

Fasting has existed since biblical times and most likely before (I’m too lazy to do the research). Yet in today’s day and age the only time I hear mention of the practice is by Muslims during Ramadan. I am convinced… Continue Reading →

Top 5 NES Unsung Heroes

It’s been awhile since I fired up my emulator. After playing some classics from my childhood I figured it would be fun to share some of the games that don’t normally come up in conversation when waxing NES nostalgia. If you… Continue Reading →

Why Bloomberg’s Attack on Soda Is the Wrong Approach

Daddy Bloomberg Slaps New Yorkers on the Wrist  I was upset to learn of Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to limit the quantity of soda sold in New York City as an effort to reduce obesity. The next time I visit the… Continue Reading →

5 Things I Wish I Did Before Playing Black Ops II

  If there was any advice I could give myself before I began playing Black Ops II it would be found in the suggestions that follow. Although I am still very much green to this game, I’ve improved a bit… Continue Reading →

How To Disable “The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?” Pop Up

Do you want to stop Windows from displaying this annoying pop up window whenever you start your PC? Follow the steps below: 1. Click on the Start button. 2. Navigate to Control Panel.  Locate Internet Options by either typing it… Continue Reading →

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