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My Moldova Experience

Being situated in Poland, where travel possibilities in all directions are limited only by several hours, I opted to visit Moldova. Having done no prior research besides the location on the map, I arrived with completely unbiased expectations. Arrival I’ve… Continue Reading →

Living In Eastern Europe – An American Perspective – Service

As far as customer service goes, America wins hands down. There simply isn’t a better place I can think of where the customer is treated respectfully and professionally. The bar is set so high in fact, that a poor experience… Continue Reading →

Flight Review – Why JetBlue Makes Flying More Palatable

I’m not a huge fan of flying. It has nothing to do with fear, as planes are far safer than automobiles. Rather it’s the entire boarding to landing experience, security included, that makes flying such a chore. I often wonder… Continue Reading →

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jagermeister

With the holidays officially upon us I can’t imagine a better occasion to blog about my all time, most favorite Christmas drink in the world: Jagermeister. Most of us are familiar with the unique shape of the bottle and the equally interesting… Continue Reading →

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